You Is Frustrated, You Is Depressed, You Is Tired

I see you

I know you

I have been you

You’re so tired of the rat race.  The more you do, the more there is to do.

When will it ever end?  When will success come?


Take your power back (set boundaries)

It’s about time you own your power.  Start thinking about what you need in your life (and what you don’t) and begin to draw the line in the sand.  Whether that line be with other people or with yourself, do it.  If you say you are going to workout daily, work out daily.  If you are tired of the drama and chaos, shut it down.


Focus on the solution, not the problem.

Stop looking at everything that is wrong and how bad things are.  I know that’s hard, but truly, what choice do you have? If you keep feeling rotten, how will things get better?  You have to focus on the solution to the problem and if you don’t know the solution, get yourself into a better frame of mind so that the answers can come.



Follow through with consequences

Every time you allow someone (or yourself) to stretch that boundary, you are in essence saying, “Don’t worry, I’ll carry that extra burden so you don’t have to.”  The truth is, you can’t carry anything else.  You are carrying too much now.  STOP


Stop being your own worst enemy by being everyone else’s friend

Stop making unhealthy decisions for yourself because someone else might not like it.  It’s not your job to console someone else.  Stop worrying about how making a good decision for yourself will “cause” someone else pain.


You are at your best when you don’t give a damn.  Stop holding yourself back because of fear.  Stop being immobilized by it.  Because the truth is “You is kind, you is smart, you is important.”


I know how hard it is to do this alone.  If this resonates with you, get a cup of coffee, sit down and watch this.


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