That Thing That You Do….Yeah, That. That’s The Problem.

You’re sick of it

Really sick of it

It happens all the time.

You take 2 steps forward and 3 steps back


You’re always thinking about how to move forward.

To overcome.

To be free of this trap.


You read books.

You only allow yourself to listen to self-improvement podcasts.

You work HARD. EVERY. DAY.


You’ve watched what others are doing and can’t understand why their life looks so different from yours.  Tried some of the things that they do, but for you, it’s not helping.  You’re stuck.


You’re obsessed and here’s the thing.  That obsession doesn’t go away.  While technically you live a normal life, you lie awake at night, scrolling through Facebook, wondering what the next thing is that you can try.


I mean, we are talking about your life, not some story you’ve read in a book.


You’re committed.

You’re driven.

You’ve tried everything that you know to get over this wall.


You have a purpose

You aren’t here to play small

You aren’t here to be forgettable


You are here to make an impact

You want to leave a legacy


But what if you could?  What if you really could?

What if you got up every day with intention?

What if you got up every day with clarity?


What if you had a system that was aligned and clear

So that you could actually disconnect?


And instead of being obsessed with Dr Phil, or Tony Robbins, or those inspirational Facebook posts

You could take the evening to play, relax, spend time with your family and laugh.  A real laugh.

You could meet up with some friends

You could call your loved one and have a real heart-felt conversation

You could lay around, watch Netflix and not feel guilty about it


Because you’ve done all you need to do today


Because guess what?  I know a little secret from working with hundreds of clients over the years…


It’s actually when you begin to let go, connect to what’s inside and shift that obsession, when things will finally start to go your way.


When you know that your life is aligned with what’s inside, that’s when the magic happens.


I talk more about this extensively in this free masterclass I have created.  Make sure to check it out here.

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