You get up everyday with the thought that today will be the day that things are different.  Each day, you are positive and excited about what the day will bring, but before you’ve even left for work, your positivism has been derailed.  Today, you were going to do things different….


Day-in and day-out

Trying to juggle your business and your personal life

Buying books, trying to squeeze in some family time

While the hours simply seem to slip by


But you still are stuck in the same freaking place

Still not seeing the needle moving

And you don’t get why


You are amazing at what you do

(or so you thought– but naturally, you start to doubt yourself)

You are dedicated

And yet you see others flying past you

Talking about their $10k, $20k, $30k months



And sometimes, you feel like you may just throw in the towel

But you keep on going


Here’s the harsh truth

Have you heard of Einstein’s definition of insanity?

“Doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results?”


Well..I hate to break it to you…but it’s like you have gone insane

That phone call, that text, that email drags you right back to your reality.  The reality that you don’t have time to focus on anything else and you get sucked down that rabbit hole again.


What you need to do is STOP THE MADNESS!

Stop all the noise and get to the core problem.


And believe it or not, 99% of the time, it’s not a problem with your spouse or job, it’s a problem inside YOU.


As in..

You DON’T have peace

You DON’T know how to set good boundaries


(you might not even think you need them…which is part of the problem)


You DON’T truly know how to be authentic (because that mask you put on isn’t the solution)

So, naturally, you DON’T connect with people, or yourself for that matter.

You DON’T show up like the  badass you are (because you are hiding)


And then you wonder why it is that your life is so chaotic.

Or why you spend hours each day working and it’s getting you nowhere

This is the reason why my clients are so successful and FINALLY start seeing that needle move

We focus on a clear, structured strategy, but we only do that AFTER we have tuned in to their well-being, as a whole.

AFTER we make sure they are TRULY showing up the way they are meant to

(and sure, having a kickass coach helps)


So the next time you feel frustrated about hours going by without serious results

Take a good long look at what you are doing and ask yourself:

Is this REALLY the thing that is going to make a difference?


I talk more extensively about this in my masterclass here.  Don’t worry, it’s free 😉

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